Where is My Water? v1.6.0 APK

MEETING grumpy!

Cranky is the hardest to alligator and an appetite to work on the water supply in the swamps of sabotage. He eats everything, especially all of the files. Red and disgusting junk found in landfills and sewers

Cranky will not eat vegetables, but now his food and is covered with vegetables such as algae. Use water to clean dirty violet Cranky his plate so he can eat!
The history of the swamp

The fun is just beginning. The story unfolds as you play Swampy. Swampy cute, he’s funny, it will only take a shower with his favorite rubber ducky. Swamps in the history of play, seven thematic chapters, over 140 levels. Collect items to unlock and marshy duck shower, new puzzles and bonus levels. Free planes with the history of the marshes added regularly!

History of Cranky

Cranky is the hardest alligator around and so are his puzzles! Play the first two chapters with 40 levels and test your skills with puzzles Challenge of Crank. Cranky Challenge is a game in a match. Four packs with 16 levels of unique puzzles in total for puzzle fans the best qualified.

Times humorous story and detailed graphics bring this subterranean world to life! Check for updates often.

    AMAZING fluid physics Lifelike ? go with the flow! Swipe spills, and is projected to fresh water, waste water seep through and lead to more difficult scenarios.
    COLLECTIBLES, challenges and bonus levels ? Gather items and complete shower swampy Cranky unlock Challenge bonus levels. “Tri-Duck” each chapter and press values, secrets and more surprises! Www.facebook.com / WheresMyWater for more tips, tricks and secrets.

Every drop counts, Where’s my water? – A refreshing puzzle game filled with fun clean
What in this version:

    Introducing The Lost Levels! These 20 steps of the classic Where is my water? Free are now here to stay in a separate chapter. These levels are already unlocked – play whenever you want! And as always we are constantly lost in the search for new levels! Therefore, this chapter will continue to grow, FREE!
    You do not want to buy and more challenges? Cranky history has more than 80 levels full of challenges for a small price. Overstuffed you!

Required Android O / S: 2.1 +
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Where is My Water? v1.6.0 APK (Orginal Game)

Where is My Water? v1.6.0 APK (Unlocked Version)

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