From the creators of the critically acclaimed Dead place on Android is a brand new, original storyline of Mass Effect – exclusive to mobile! This game is very large (about 450MB)! We recommend using Wi-Fi connection for faster downloads. You are an agent of Cerberus – Gone Rogue! As Commander Shepard is fighting against reapers through the galaxy, provides veterans Cerberus Randall Ezno illegal foreign agent experiments at a secret location. But if the facility director goes too far – Randall retreats and vows to overthrow Cerberus! Can you make your way out of the enemy base and Cerberus about their secret research for the Alliance?
A new dimension ANDROID IN THE GAME

Move freely through massive external and Cerberus have been fully realized. With the revolutionary graphics and audio experience home-console intensified as a marker of the next jump in Android gameplay.
Engage enemies in battle Tap & Go

Equipped with the manual and supported by the purpose, use and intuitive controls for quick battles. Fluid and deployment to meet with just one hand movement. Engage in epic boss battles against mechs Cerberus and victims of twisted experiments.
They are an army!

Profit from the wrath of the high-tech weapons and armor. Free the biotic powers, abilities and stealth cloak devastating melee attacks. Improve your speed and performance with loans – earning the fastest and most stylish kills you, the more you credits. In addition, access to the bonus mission Turian and escape the hospital … alive!
IMPACT your experience, Mass Effect 3

Collect valuable Intel and transfer to the Galaxy at War to increase your rating in preparation for Mass Effect Galactic third Complete the game to increase your ownership of the war. Improve your chances in the final battle of Mass Effect 3 – on the road! Cerberus Crush and make the future of the galaxy. The outcome depends in Mass Effect Infiltrator!

Required Android O / S: 2.2 +
Download From External Link:

MASS EFFECT INFILTRATOR APK v1.0.30 [NA version / Online Play]

MASS EFFECT INFILTRATOR APK v1.0.30 [ROW version / Offline Play Cracked by Twingo]

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