Extreme Defense is another hot track, you can play on your mobile phone using our flash emulator. The game is based on other games Tower defense is based, but he presented players with a slightly different gameplay. Themain goal of the game is to defend your base against waves exotic. In order to achieve your goal to fit your basewith turrets additional upgrade your defenses, claims, coverage, and many others. During the game you aredifferent types of aliens with specific charateristics whichyou can design the Starship Troopers bugs or Zerg inStarcraft remember to do justice. In the game menu, there is a way to change the rendering quality graphics. So ifthis game will run on a slower machine, switching to ”low quality” is highly recommended.
If you enjoy our app, we would be delighted if you couldevaluate. Encourage develop your good grades, and more U.S. applications and updates keep coming.

Requires: 2.3 and up

Overview: Last stand against aliens trying to take controlover the planet.

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